Questions about child therapy...

Every child and every situation is different. Some children show progress relatively quickly, others can take longer to progress. I will have a better sense of your child’s unique situation during your first visit.

An evaluation can take 3 or more sessions to complete. It usually starts with a discussion of your concerns. Next I speak with children about their difficulties and proceed with testing. Some tasks resemble games and puzzles; other tasks are more academic. Finally, I meet with the family to discuss results of the assessment. You get a chance to read over the report and ask questions. If your child struggles at school and you are considering getting him/her evaluated, please give me a call at (514) 704-1307 and I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Some children don’t like to discuss their problems with others; in fact, most of adults don’t enjoy this either! I use several strategies to put children at ease. During an initial interview with the family some children prefer to stay in the “play area” of the room where they can listen to what parents are saying without having to be directly involved in the conversation. I also spend some time getting to know children and adolescents. This may involve a discussion of their hobbies and interests or playing a game. Usually children start sharing their concerns once they feel at ease with me.

There are many options available for separated parents both of whom want to get involved in therapy with their child. One such option is bringing the child on alternate weeks. To discuss your particular situation, please give me a call and we can make arrangements that will work for both you and your ex-partner.

Adolescents often feel that they don’t have any problems. What to do if you realize that your teen needs help, but he refuses to go see a professional? I think most adolescents are willing to try coming to one session. Many adolescents who face personal or family problems appreciate the opportunity to discuss their concerns in an accepting atmosphere. With some help most adolescents can learn to make the right choices while being true to themselves.

Different options are available depending on your particular situation. Sometimes I work with both children together, at other times I see them separately. It all depends on the particular difficulty your children are facing. Please contact me to discuss your situation.

Services provided by a licensed psychologist are often covered by health insurance, employee benefit plans or EAPs. Please check with your insurance what is the amount covered (usually 50% to 100%) and the maximum number of sessions covered per year.

I am available by appointment during the week. Evening and weekend appointments are also available.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please give me a call at (514) 704-1307 or send me an email at

Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world.

Every journey begins with a first step. Let me support your child on the road to a happier and more successful future. Contact me today at (514) 704-1307.

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