Psycho-Educational Evaluations


You child may have always struggled at school and you feel that he or she is different from other children. Or, perhaps, the academic problems started later on and now your child is underperforming. Maybe your teenager is not putting enough effort at school and you wonder whether the low grades reflect poor motivation or an underlying learning problem.

Each evaluation is carefully planned with children’s unique background in mind. Testing sessions take place in a friendly and accepting atmosphere. This ensures that children perform to the best of their abilities and feel comfortable during the testing process. I always try to understand each child’s unique talents and needs in order to help parents secure the best educational opportunities for their children.


  • Your child is good at some subjects, but struggles to complete some other very simple academic tasks.
  • You notice that the information learned is not well retained in your child’s memory.
  • Your normally bright child cannot grasp some of the basic academic concepts.
  • Your child cannot focus on schoolwork.
  • Teachers have told you that your teen’s mind is in the clouds.
  • Your child is hyperactive or has behaviour problems.
  • Your child has a history of academic failure and you wonder whether a specialized class or even a different school might be the answer.
  • You need to have your child admitted to a specialized school and they require a WISC V assessment.
  • You need an updated assessment because your child is entering high school, CEGEP or university
  • Your child has an IEP and now the school is asking for an evaluation in order to update the accommodations he or she receives.
  • You have a child with severe learning problems and wonder if he or she can be allowed to study in an English language school.
  • Your child often gets bored or distracted because the assigned work is finished ahead of time.
  • You consider enrolling your child into a gifted program.
  • Your child struggles to develop basic academic skills and is behind his or her peers in some aspects of development.
  • You are considering to enrol your child into a specialized school.
  • Your young child is struggling to complete work in class, does not listen, or is very active.
  • The teachers are suggesting that you need to get him or her evaluated for ADHD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
  • Your teenager has lost interest at school and is at a risk of dropping out.
  • You need help for your teenager to find his or her vocational calling or continue his or her studies at an appropriate CEGEP.
A psychoeducational assessment will help your child live up to his or her full potential and enable you to be a better advocate for your



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