Mindfulness for Children

Children and teenagers benefit from mindfulness, the simple practice of becoming more aware of the present moment. Some of the mindfulness practices techniques are relaxing, entertaining and fun and can bring a nice variety to your everyday routine. Mindfulness is a skill that takes a while to develop, but it will serve your child in many different life situations. Mindfulness skills are best learned with parents. This way they become a part of the child’s everyday habits and can substantially improve his or her ability to respond in stressful situations.

There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness. Children will become more equipped to deal with stress. Teaching children some simple breathing or relaxation techniques will help them deal with difficult situations. Mindfulness teaches children to pay attention to the present moment. Children will learn to recognize their feelings, take control of their problem behaviours and be more aware of their environment. This improved attention will help them respond better in social situations and remain focused for longer periods of time on tasks and activities.

Benefits of helping your child develop mindfulness:

  • Improve your child’s ability to react in stressful situations
  • Improve your child’s attention and supplement his or her ADHD treatment
  • Help your child become more tolerant in difficult social situations
  • Improve your bond with your child
  • Help with sleep and anxiety

The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There’s only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment.

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