Children and Self Esteem


Children with a strong sense of self-worth strive to achieve their goals and are not easily discouraged by setbacks. That’s why most parents are committed to helping their children develop self-esteem. But for some children it is very difficult to believe in themselves. If your child lacks confidence, you probably worry whether he or she will be brave enough to face life’s challenges.

Below is a list of common concerns parents have:
  • Your child gives up easily when faced with difficulties
  • Your child is shy with adults or with other children
  • Your child does not feel good in his/her skin
  • You always have to push your child to try new activities
  • Your child cannot stand up for himself/herself
Helping children to believe in themselves will enable them to reach their potential in everything they


Self esteem plays and important role in academic success. Have you ever heard from your child’s teachers that your child is intelligent but lacks the confidence to succeed? Children with poor self-esteem often don’t believe that they can improve their academic skills and lack persistence. Learning to persevere academically is key to children’s success at school.

Does your child tend to give up his or her hobbies and activities? Children who lack self confidence will only practice activities they are good at, refuse to try something new and react strongly when faced with failure.

All children need to believe in themselves in order to thrive. I help children discover their strengths and learn to take pride in their accomplishments. I will be happy to help your child build a strong sense of self-worth.

Children who lack confidence often become a target of bullying.

Bullying takes many forms depending on the social context. You child may feel excluded by a group of classmates or experience teasing because of his or her accent, skin colour or for any other reason. Teenagers often get bullied online. Therapy can teach children to recognize bullying situations and stand up for themselves.

The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.

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