Relocated Families

Today many families move abroad. Moving to a new country can be an exciting experience filled with wonderful opportunities for growth and change. However, it can also be a very stressful time that may bring with it a number of challenges. Expat families in Montreal often need to adjust to a different climate and learn another language. As a parent you may find yourself faced with many difficulties, including adjusting to a new work environment, navigating a different health system, and ensuring that your children attend the right school. The support system you once had is no longer there and you need to build a new one. All of this can put a toll on your family.

Many expat parents feel resentment at work because they have lost the employment opportunities they once had or because the language/cultural differences put them at a disadvantage. Building meaningful social connections is also not easy for many expat families who find themselves busy with work and family obligations. All of these factors can create a feeling of isolation and add to the stress the family is under.

Below is a list of common problem that many expat parents experience:
  • Increase in family conflict
  • Feeling guilty about relocating the family
  • Feeling estranged or difficulty fitting in
  • Less free time to spend with the family
  • Difficulty forming new relationships or building a social circle
  • Arguments with partner

Moving to a new country can be challenging for children as well.

Children may experience a culture shock or struggle to learn the new language. Some children will miss home and their extended family. The school can be challenging for many children, especially for those who have a history of learning problems.  Children may feel different at their new school or be distressed about the change in routine. When you are busy working on the daily tasks, little time is left to attend to your child’s difficulties.

Below is a list of problems that expat children experience:
  • Difficulty adjusting to a new school
  • Struggling to make friends
  • Increase in problem behaviours or anxiety
  • Missing the old home and extended family
  • Feeling resentment towards parents for having uprooted the family
  • Difficulty adapting to a new routine
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