Children with ASD

An autism diagnosis covers a spectrum of children with a wide range of impairments. Some of the children with autism cannot speak, while other children on the autism spectrum excel academically. Often children with the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are misdiagnosed as having an ADHD or another problem. That’s why it is important to consider many sources of information, as well as conduct a thorough clinical interview with parents.

The assessment process

In my assessments I use the ADOS 2 and the ADI R testing instruments, which are considered the gold standards of measures for ASD evaluations. The ADOS is a test that is administered to children individually. Several modules of the test exist to reflect differences in children’s verbal skills and age.

A full ASD assessment includes an assessment of a child’s cognitive, adaptive and academic skills. In my work I collaborate with other professionals, such as psychologists, physicians and speech therapist within a multidisciplinary approach. Parents and teachers are asked to fill out detailed questionnaires to gather information about the child’s development, behaviour and adjustment.


Many people get diagnosed with ASD in adulthood.

Maybe you have always wondered why you don’t “fit in”. Perhaps you are having difficulty establishing lasting romantic relationships or finding friends, or adjusting at work or university. You might feel isolated and blame yourself for being different.

Getting diagnosed with ASD as an adult can bring insight into your problems and help create a concrete plan to rebuild the professional and social aspects of your life.

If you have any questions about an autism assessment,

contact me today.

contact me today.

Benefits of getting an ASD diagnosis

  • Early intervention can make a huge difference for a child’s development
  • A timely intervention can help children succeed academically
  • A targeted intervention can help the child learn the essential social skills and fit in socially
  • An ASD diagnosis can ease the strain in the parent-child relationship
  • Finding out whether your child has an autism spectrum disorder will put your mind at ease

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