Adult ADHD Evaluations

Living with ADHD can be challenging. Do you find yourself missing deadlines and forgetting important events? Do you get impatient when waiting in lines or driving in traffic? Do you tend to get irritated and have difficulty controlling your mood swings? ADHD when left untreated can seriously affect one’s ability to reach educational goals, work productivity, personal relationships and everyday life.

Often ADHD is first diagnosed in childhood, but it is not uncommon to receive an ADHD diagnosis as an adult. ADHD manifests itself differently in adulthood. Many adults with ADHD appear calm on the outside, but feel restless and irritated inside. They often struggle to organize their activities and tend to be impulsive.

Below is a list of symptoms that many adults with ADHD experience:
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Disorganized
  • Losing things
  • Forgetting appointments and deadlines
  • Mood swings
  • Interrupting others
  • Feeling restless
  • Difficulty waiting in lines
  • Interpersonal problems

Adult ADHD evaluation

The evaluation process involves two testing sessions that last approximately 2.5 hours each plus an hour-long feedback session. In addition, you will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires. A similar set of questionnaires will have to be completed by someone who knows you well, such as your partner, parent, friend or roommate. During the first testing session you will participate in a thorough clinical interview and formal testing. During the second testing session you will be administered additional tests. Finally, during the feedback meeting you will have a chance to review the evaluation report and discuss possible treatment options. Various treatment options are available and will be discussed.

A timely diagnosis and treatment of ADHD can substantially improve life quality, work performance and relationships. For university students an effective management of their ADHD symptoms can help improve their school performance, and reduce stress.

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