Behavioural Disorders & ADHD


Getting help for children’s behaviour problems is probably one of the most common reasons why parents contact a psychologist.  This is hardly surprising! When your child is overactive or defiant, the quality of your family life can change drastically. Many parents whose children have difficulty controlling their temper feel exhausted, annoyed and frustrated. Most feel embarrassed when their children act out in public.

Common reasons why parents seek psychological help:
  • You child doesn’t listen to you
  • Your child seeks attention in a negative way
  • You feel manipulated by your child
  • Teachers complain that your child disturbs other children
  • Teachers suggested that your child might be suffering from ADHD
  • You don’t feel right about punishing your child
  • Your child’s behaviour problem affects everything you do as a family

Raising a child with ADHD is challenging.

These children are always on the go, get bored easily and constantly need new sources of entertainment. They often demand constant attention and resort to manipulation to get what they want. Therapy can help parents effectively manage their children’s symptoms of ADHD without feeling burned out.

Most parents feel embarrassed when they get calls from their child’s school or daycare with repeated complains about their child’s behaviour. I can work with your child’s teachers to ease the tension between you and the school and to find effective behaviour management solutions.

If you feel that you are reaching the end of your rope, it’s time to act. I can help you find effective discipline strategies that will make sense to you and to your child. You can change your child’s behaviour without relying solely on rewards and punishments.

Let’s take control of your child’s behaviour



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