Online Therapy

Online therapy via Skype or Zoom is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. There are several advantages to using online therapy. First, it’s convenient for people with mobility issues or those unable to find childcare to go to regular face-to-face meetings. Second, online therapy is a convenient tool in our fast-paced world where losing precious time on commute does not seem to make sense. Finally, there are many people who feel more comfortable and safer having a therapy session from the comfort of their home.

The current situation related to COVID-19 has created a pressing need for online therapy services. As this situation may stay with us for a while, I invite you to give online therapy a try!

COVID-19 situation has created a number of challenges for children and parents alike. Below is a list of services provided to help families adjust.
  • Helping children adjust to the new routine
  • Evaluating your child's level of anxiety
  • Facilitating interactions among divorced/separated parents and their children
  • Setting up an effective homeschooling system
  • Homeschooling for children with ADHD/learning problems
  • Helping parents deal with stress
  • Addressing children's behaviour problems
  • Dealing with trauma/grief
  • Individual therapy
If you are not sure about online therapy, you are offered 15 minutes of Skype/Zoom time



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