Psychological Evaluations

Does your child struggle at school? Let's find out why.

Education is a top priority in most families. Parents go to great lengths to ensure that their children get the best education that will prepare them for success in life. That’s why it is natural to be very concerned when your child experiences problems at school. Some children start struggling early on; others develop academic difficulties in later school years. Below is a list of some of the reasons why parents seek a psychoeducational evaluation for their children:

  • Teachers suggested that your child might have dyslexia, learning disability or ADHD
  • You know that your child is bright, yet he/she is unable to thrive academically
  • Your child needs to work very hard to earn good grades
  • Homework is a struggle and it takes all of your family’s free time
  • Teachers complain that your child has difficulty finishing tasks
  • Your child doesn’t put enough effort into schoolwork

Success is Possible

A complete psychoeducational assessment will help you understand why your child struggles at school and will enable you to find concrete and effective solutions. A timely evaluation of your child’s academic needs can make a big difference for his or her future school success. Here are some benefits of getting an evaluation:

  • Your child’s cognitive and academic skills are tested in a friendly atmosphere
  • You receive your child’s profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Your report includes recommendations for school-based accommodations
  • Your report includes strategies tailored to your child’s unique learning needs
  • Results of the evaluation are discussed in plain language
  • I can monitor your child’s educational progress after the assessment

I can help you take the guesswork out of finding the right solution for your child’s school problems. Call me to schedule your first assessment consultation at (514) 704-1307.

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Weekend testing sessions are available.

I look forward to helping your child succeed at school!