Children and Divorce

Supporting your child through separation or divorce

For children of any age parental separation or divorce can be difficult, sad and confusing. For many children today, parental separation or divorce often means living in two different homes, having new people enter their lives and losing the stability and structure they once had. As a parent you probably ask yourself how to best help your child cope with your divorce.  Many parents find it difficult to help their children adjust, since they have to deal with their own feelings of loss, changes in daily routine and their ex-spouses who are not always cooperative.  Below is a list of difficulties that many separated/divorced parents face:

  • Your child misses your ex-partner who is not always available to see him/her
  • Your child has difficulty adjusting to the new living arrangement
  • Your child became sad or irritated
  • Your child developed problems with eating or sleeping
  • Your child began to struggle academically
  • You lost the closeness you once shared with your child

I can support you and your child in this time of transition. I help children express their feelings and make sense of changes that are happening in their world. I also work with parents to help them strengthen their relationships with their children. In some situations only one of the parents is able to participate in therapy. When both parents are ready to get involved, they may either attend sessions together or choose to bring their child on alternate weeks.

If your child is having a difficult time adjusting to separation or divorce, please contact me at (514) 704-1307.