Children and Anxiety

You are worried about your child. There is help.

When your child is sad or anxious, there is probably little else you can think about. Some children show signs of anxiety from early on. Others may become unhappy at a later time in their life. Perhaps your child is reacting to a particularly difficult experience, such as loss or relocation. Often, however, children may become sad or anxious without any objective reason. Below is a list of some of the concerns parents share:

  • Your child is not his/her “usual self”
  • Your child cries often, becomes angry or agitated
  • Your child has sleep problems
  • Your child does not enjoy his/her favorite activities
  • Your child prefers to stay at home
  • Your child expresses fears or concerns

If you worry about your child, it’s time to get help. I would like to help you understand why your child is in distress and find ways to help him or her smile again.

Please call me at (514) 704-1307 to discuss your child's situation.