Family Therapy

De-Stress Your Family Life

Being a parent in today’s world is a tough job. Parents lead busy lives and often feel torn between work and family obligations. Many parents are stressed and find little time for themselves. Parenting is especially difficult if you have important personal problems or if you feel that your partner in not fully involved. Below are listed common concerns that many parents share:

  • Your personal or marital problems affect your ability to be a good parent
  • The everyday stress affects the quality of your family life
  • You have so much conflict at home that you don’t enjoy doing anything as a family
  • You’ve given your best, yet your efforts are not appreciated by your child or your partner
  • You feel exhausted; you have no time for yourself

When your life is stressful, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a parent. I help parents regain balance in their life and to help them realize that that they are the best parents they can be. I also work with children to help them appreciate the love and care they receive every day, because parenting is a two-way street.

Take the first step to a happier, less stressed parenthood. Please call me at (514) 704-1307.